West Michigan school principal gets OWI charge dismissed

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2013 | Drunk Driving

Many in Kalamazoo often wonder what their best course of action may be after being arrested for drinking and driving. One’s handling of his or her OWI predicament may go a long way in determining what potential criminal penalties he or she may face, as well as the social impact that those penalties may have on his or her family and/or career. While every OWI charge should be taken seriously, alleged offender s for whom the arrest may be their first brush the law or who handle themselves appropriately while facing police and the court may be able to mitigate the potential trouble that they could be facing.

Such appears to be the case with a woman who was recently arrested by Michigan State Police for drunk driving. What made her case particularly newsworthy was the fact the she is the principal of a West Michigan elementary school. While any potential disciplinary actions that she may be facing from her employer have not been revealed, she is still reported to be in her position with the school. She reportedly accepted responsibility for her actions and was able to have the OWI charge dropped as part of a plea agreement with the court.

Every OWI case is different, and as such, it’s impossible to guarantee leniency from the court in every circumstance. What’s more, those who believe that they can successfully argue to have their OWI charge dismissed should not be deterred from doing so. The key to knowing how to correctly handle one’s OWI case may be in choosing the right criminal defense attorney to help provide sound legal advice as one goes through this process.

Source: WWMT-TV “Charge dismissed against principal accused of drunk driving” Oct. 01, 2013



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