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November 2013 Archives

Ludington woman charged as accessory in State Trooper's murder

Families typically share very strong bonds, as members stand ready to support each other at all times. There are, however, certain times when the best way one can support a family member may be to do something that is contrary to his or her wishes. Yet many in Kalamazoo tend to let their loyalty to a family member overrule their better judgment, even if it means putting themselves at risk. Unfortunately, legal authorities don't recognize family loyalty as an acceptable defense to criminal activity, and in the end, one who decides to help a family member after he or she has engaged in criminal activity could potentially be facing as much trouble as the perpetrator.

Traffic stops ends with Traverse City mayor's arrest for OWI

Despite the hundreds of thousands who are arrested or cited for OWI every year in the U.S., many in Grand Rapids still feel the need to hop behind the wheel of their cars and take off, justifying to themselves that they know their bodies better than anyone else, and that they feel completely in control of all of their mental and physical faculties. Yet one may be surprised to find out just who is using this justification as an excuse to drive while drunk. No matter the job, social status, or access to fame and fortune, the law is no respecter of persons, meaning that a high-ranking official can be saddled with an OWI charge just as easily as everyone else.

Paw Paw man caught growing more marijuana than license allowed

People in Kalamazoo who've been granted special privileges because of their jobs often don't find it difficult to cross the line of respecting those privileges and abusing them. Often the abuse is for monetary gain or just to flaunt their ability to get away with practices that would normally arouse suspicions or even invite trouble. It's often easy for people in such a scenario get away with abuse of whatever privilege that they've been entrusted with because many simply believe that they're performing their jobs. However, once one's abuse is discovered, those involved in it may quickly find themselves facing serious legal troubles.

Jackson mom and dad both involved in rape of 3-year-old daughter

The potential penalties that accompany sex crimes may surprise many in Grand Rapids as to their severity. This is especially true when those alleged crimes include a child molestation charge. The reason for the severity is often due to the lasting effect that such crimes can have on the future emotional growth and development of the child. Yet it's not only those who directly perpetrate the abuse that are subject to such penalties. Anyone who authorities believe to have been complicit to such crimes may also face punishments just as severe.

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