Jackson mom and dad both involved in rape of 3-year-old daughter

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The potential penalties that accompany sex crimes may surprise many in Grand Rapids as to their severity. This is especially true when those alleged crimes include a child molestation charge. The reason for the severity is often due to the lasting effect that such crimes can have on the future emotional growth and development of the child. Yet it’s not only those who directly perpetrate the abuse that are subject to such penalties. Anyone who authorities believe to have been complicit to such crimes may also face punishments just as severe.

A Jackson woman is finding this out the hard way as she is now facing multiple counts of sexual misconduct stemming from her husband’s abuse of their young daughter. The woman claims she was also the victim of sexual abuse at his hands, yet that abuse stopped as he began directing his attention toward the then 3-year old toddler. The abuse finally came to light as others began to recognize the girl displaying sexual behavior inappropriate for her age. An investigation revealed that the father had actually raped the girl countless times, with the mother holding the girls hands on some occasions so that it wouldn’t hurt her.

In an odd twist, prosecutors have actually reached an agreement with father who was responsible for the abuse to testify against the mother who allowed it to happen. If convicted, she could face life in prison, as well as the state choosing to terminate her parental authority over her other children.

Looking the other way is a tendency many may have when it comes to illegal activity being perpetrated around them. Yet especially with children, people are relied upon to be their voice when abuse is happening. Failure to do so could result in serious penalties. Those who finds themselves stuck in such a scenario where they face a punishment for crime that they didn’t commit but knew it was happening may wish to work with a lawyer to see exactly what prosecutors can and cannot charge them with.

Source: New York Daily News “Michigan dad pleads guilty to having sex with 3-year-old daughter” Carol Kuruvilla, Oct. 16, 2013



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