Ludington woman charged as accessory in State Trooper’s murder

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Families typically share very strong bonds, as members stand ready to support each other at all times. There are, however, certain times when the best way one can support a family member may be to do something that is contrary to his or her wishes. Yet many in Kalamazoo tend to let their loyalty to a family member overrule their better judgment, even if it means putting themselves at risk. Unfortunately, legal authorities don’t recognize family loyalty as an acceptable defense to criminal activity, and in the end, one who decides to help a family member after he or she has engaged in criminal activity could potentially be facing as much trouble as the perpetrator.

A Ludington woman is currently learning just how high the price of helping a family member in the commission of a crime can be. Her son and daughter-in-law showed up at her home recently after having allegedly shot and killed a Michigan State Police officer. Police say that she then accompanied the pair as they stole a car and fled, while she returned in their truck. She now finds herself charged with multiple felony crimes, among them being an accessory after the fact to the policeman’s murder. If convicted, she could face up to 10 years in prison.

While one might call the loyalty displayed by this women misguided, her desire to help her son is something that many can relate to, Yet again, such loyalty does not excuse criminal behavior. Those who, like this woman, are facing potential legal troubles after having helped a criminal family member may wish to consult with a criminal defense attorney to see what their options are in securing an acceptable outcome from the court.

Source: “Mother of Michigan State Police trooper-killer suspect arraigned on felony charges” John S. Hausman, Nov. 19, 2013



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