Traffic stops ends with Traverse City mayor’s arrest for OWI

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2013 | Drunk Driving

Despite the hundreds of thousands who are arrested or cited for OWI every year in the U.S., many in Grand Rapids still feel the need to hop behind the wheel of their cars and take off, justifying to themselves that they know their bodies better than anyone else, and that they feel completely in control of all of their mental and physical faculties. Yet one may be surprised to find out just who is using this justification as an excuse to drive while drunk. No matter the job, social status, or access to fame and fortune, the law is no respecter of persons, meaning that a high-ranking official can be saddled with an OWI charge just as easily as everyone else.

This point was hammered home recently when a man arrested in Traverse City turned out to be the town’s mayor. Police noticed him having difficulty staying in his own lane while driving, and subsequently pulled him over and arrested him on suspicion of drinking and driving. A breath test later confirmed that his blood alcohol level was well over the legal limit.

The fact that even a mayor isn’t above being picked up and dragged in by police for OWI should serve as notice to all that no one is above the law in this situation. Such an offense could result in inordinate legal troubles, the extended loss of one’s freedom, and public ridicule and scorn. Those hoping to avoid such potential consequences may be best served by working with an experienced criminal defense attorney familiar who knows what’s needed in order to secure a favorable outcome to their case.

Source: MI News 26 “Traverse City Mayor Michael Estes Arrested After Alleged OWI” Eric Wotila, Oct. 24, 2013



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