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December 2013 Archives

Escanaba man can't seem to avoid further felony charges

Those in Kalamazoo who already face trouble were once told to "keep their noses clean" while they wait for theirs issues to be resolved. If one is currently facing a felony charge, resolving that issue should be at the forefront of his or her mind, as should avoiding any actions that could lead to further trouble. Yet all too often, it seems that those in these situations give into either pressure or the perceived hopelessness of what they're facing and continue to engage in activity which only serves to compound their troubles.Such appears to be the case with an Escanaba man who seems to be his own worst enemy. Faced with issues involving his estranged ex-wife, he is already facing criminal charges in Wisconsin for failing to comply with police officers after he was found pointing a gun at himself inside of his car. Yet he ended up missing his court date due to the fact that he was in again in jail after having been arrested by Delta County officials on charges of extortion, computer crime, and possession of an illicit substance. He now potentially faces extended prison time in both cases.

Pair of Hamtramck women arrested for drug possession in Ohio

Many in Kalamazoo accused of engaging in illicit activity may have long held the belief that they could continue doing what they were doing without being caught by authorities. While they may succeed at not arousing their suspicion related to the criminal activity itself, they can't avoid doing basic things such as driving to the store or visiting with friends. Often it's while doing these seemingly mundane tasks that they end up being caught. When they are, they are often unpleasantly surprised to learn that these everyday activities can possibly compound the charges that they may be subjected to.

Grand Rapids man accepts plea deal in medical marijuana dispute

Having to mount a criminal defense is not something that a many Grand Rapids residents ever plan for. Most, if not all, never plan to place themselves in the position of needing such assistance. Yet the interpretation of the law can often be applied much more broadly than some anticipate, especially in the enforcement of new laws. People who believe they may be operating within the confines of the law may find themselves at odds with authorities over the application of it.

Osceola County police make arrest in 20 year old assault case

An unpleasant truth that criminal suspects discover about Grand Rapids law enforcement is that they can be relentless in their pursuit of their man or woman. That dogged determination is the reason why there are very few successful criminals. Even those who feel as though the passage of time will erode law enforcement's resolve to close a case are often disappointed to find that their past misdeeds are never truly forgotten.

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