Pair of Hamtramck women arrested for drug possession in Ohio

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2013 | Drug Crimes

Many in Kalamazoo accused of engaging in illicit activity may have long held the belief that they could continue doing what they were doing without being caught by authorities. While they may succeed at not arousing their suspicion related to the criminal activity itself, they can’t avoid doing basic things such as driving to the store or visiting with friends. Often it’s while doing these seemingly mundane tasks that they end up being caught. When they are, they are often unpleasantly surprised to learn that these everyday activities can possibly compound the charges that they may be subjected to.

A pair of Hamtramck women are learning just what can happen if one’s caught innocently driving around while coincidently also in possession of an illegal substance. During a routine traffic stop in Ohio, the pair was found to be carrying a large amount of heroin, as well as Oxycodone and Oxymorphone pills. Aside from the routine felony charge of drug possession, the fact that they were transporting the drugs in a duffle bag in their car resulted in a subsequent charge for drug trafficking.

One felony may be difficult enough to deal with; one should really try to avoid anything that may lead to further charges. It’s often those unanticipated charges that carry the more severe penalties. When faced with such a complex web of legal troubles, one needs all of the help that’s available to him or her. A criminal defense attorney may help in securing an acceptable outcome from the court in his or her case.

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