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January 2014 Archives

CMU campus police arrest grad student on multiple felony charges

The image that comes to mind when most in Kalamazoo think of a felon may be somewhat biased by their own misconceptions or by inaccurate portrayals in the media. The fact is that felons come in all shapes, sizes, and appearances, as well as from all different backgrounds and upbringings. Many are often unaware of the potential felony crimes happening all around them, and thus are shocked if and when such actions are brought to light.

Intoxicated Maple City man's drive ends on snowmobile trail

There may be some in Grand Rapids who think that they know themselves well enough to know that they're capable of driving after having had a few drinks. Enough of those same people have been arrested for OWI to send a message to others that such a thought will most likely only land them in trouble. While one may not even feel that impaired, those feelings can soon change when behind the wheel and forced to react to others on the road. Ultimately, he or she may end up literally stuck in a very troubling and indicting situation.

Alcohol a factor in accident that kills Parma woman

Even after a night of drinking at a Kalamazoo bar or club, there may be those who feel as though they’re OK to drive home. They may feel as though they know themselves better than anyone, and thus also know when they’re impaired and when they’re not. They may also mistakenly believe that even if something happens, they’re only hurting themselves. That line of thinking can easily get one arrested for OWI or, worse yet, cause an accident that takes the life of another.

Allegan County police arrest serial bank robber

Choosing to engage in criminal is definitely something to be avoided if for no other reason than suspected criminals are often ignorant to the many penalties that they may face when they are finally apprehended by police. What one may a view as a few minor crimes in Grand Rapids and other areas, authorities may often see as very serious offenses committed in multiple locations warranting the filing of charges in each area. Before one knows it, he or she may be facing multiple prison sentences that, while alone may not seem to lengthy, combined could potentially keep him or her behind bars for decades.

Fenton spa being investigated for prostitution, human trafficking

When the topic of human trafficking is brought up, most in Grand Rapids probably think that such activity happens in third-world countries or other faraway locales. Many are surprised to learn that such crimes can happen not only in the U.S., but even right here in Michigan. Such a crime is usually linked to a prostitution charge, as those being allegedly prostituted are often being dealt between those suspected of orchestrating such activity as though they were human property. When such activity is suspected, authorities are almost always quick to respond.

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