Allegan County police arrest serial bank robber

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Choosing to engage in criminal is definitely something to be avoided if for no other reason than suspected criminals are often ignorant to the many penalties that they may face when they are finally apprehended by police. What one may a view as a few minor crimes in Grand Rapids and other areas, authorities may often see as very serious offenses committed in multiple locations warranting the filing of charges in each area. Before one knows it, he or she may be facing multiple prison sentences that, while alone may not seem to lengthy, combined could potentially keep him or her behind bars for decades.

Such could potentially be the case for an Indiana man who was recently arrested outside of a credit union in Allegan County. Credit union employees recognized him from a previous visit and chose to lock the building to bar him entrance after having been concerned about his odd behavior. He was later arrested by local police and found to be the suspect in numerous bank robberies throughout both Indiana and Michigan. While Allegan County officials will get the first crack at him, those other jurisdictions where he had committed previous robberies are aware the he is in custody.

The sum of the penalties that this man could be facing may be quite severe, as are those who are accused of engaging in similar activity in multiple cities and counties simultaneously. For those facing such a potential barrage of charges, an experienced criminal defense attorney may be the key to securing the most acceptable outcome once all is said and done.

Source: Kalamazoo Gazette – “Suspect in several Michigan, Indiana bank robberies arraigned on 5 criminal charges in Allegan County” Aaron Mueller, Dec. 31, 2013



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