CMU campus police arrest grad student on multiple felony charges

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2014 | Felonies

The image that comes to mind when most in Kalamazoo think of a felon may be somewhat biased by their own misconceptions or by inaccurate portrayals in the media. The fact is that felons come in all shapes, sizes, and appearances, as well as from all different backgrounds and upbringings. Many are often unaware of the potential felony crimes happening all around them, and thus are shocked if and when such actions are brought to light.

Such was the reaction at Central Michigan University when it was learned that a graduate student had been arrested for multiple felonies. While some may wonder what sort of illicit activity a graduate student may be involved in beyond cheating on a test, the charges facing this particular student from Pennsylvania were are enough to dismay even the most seasoned criminal investigator. He first came to the attention of campus police after surveillance footage from the building housing the school’s biology laboratory implicated him in the theft of some microscopes and printers. Yet a subsequent search of his home turned up a lot more than police had anticipated finding. The student was found to be in possession of several social security numbers, along with other evidence of copyrighting and counterfeiting activity. If convicted on all of the charges, he could face a potential life sentence in prison.

That such an elaborate criminal enterprise could be run at an institution of higher learning should serve as proof that felony activity can happen anywhere, and that even some of the best and the brightest minds can get caught up in it. Anyone accused of indulging in such activity may wish to secure the services of a criminal defense attorney to help in the presentation of his or her case.

Source: Central Michigan Life “CMU graduate student faces 11 felony charges, allegedly stole $30,000 in biology department equipment” Orrin Shawl, Jan. 17, 2014



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