Fenton spa being investigated for prostitution, human trafficking

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2014 | Sex Crimes

When the topic of human trafficking is brought up, most in Grand Rapids probably think that such activity happens in third-world countries or other faraway locales. Many are surprised to learn that such crimes can happen not only in the U.S., but even right here in Michigan. Such a crime is usually linked to a prostitution charge, as those being allegedly prostituted are often being dealt between those suspected of orchestrating such activity as though they were human property. When such activity is suspected, authorities are almost always quick to respond.

Such has been the case since allegations were first brought against a day spa in Fenton that prostitution was taking place at the facility. A subsequent investigation uncovered enough evidence for the county prosecutor to seek a restraining order against the spa from operating and continuing such activity. While no arrests have yet been made as part of the investigation, authorities are concerned that the illicit activity could include human trafficking as well.

Allegations such as these are quick to stir up emotions in the community, as residents don’t want to be associated with such activity. Such is often the case whenever accusations of any type of sex crime are made. These emotions can lead many to a rush to judgment, making it difficult for those accused to receive fair treatment should the case go to a criminal trial. Those in such a position may wish to have the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure that they’re given every opportunity to present their defense.

Source: Mlive – Flint “Prosecutor padlocks Fenton spa over prostitution complaints” Gary Ridley, Dec. 12, 2013



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