Intoxicated Maple City man’s drive ends on snowmobile trail

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2014 | Drunk Driving

There may be some in Grand Rapids who think that they know themselves well enough to know that they’re capable of driving after having had a few drinks. Enough of those same people have been arrested for OWI to send a message to others that such a thought will most likely only land them in trouble. While one may not even feel that impaired, those feelings can soon change when behind the wheel and forced to react to others on the road. Ultimately, he or she may end up literally stuck in a very troubling and indicting situation.

Leelanau County sheriff’s deputies were recently called to respond to such a situation where an impaired found himself stuck…in the snow. The Maple City man admitted to having been drinking before borrowing a friend’s car to make a quick run to McDonalds. Hours later, he and the car were found stuck in deep snow after he somehow ended up driving onto a snowmobile trail.

While this man’s predicament might even be said to be mildly amusing, there’s nothing amusing to be taken from his decision to drive while drunk. Many other stories begin with a similar decision being made, only to result in tragic consequences for either the driver or others whom he or she encountered on the road.

Being accused and arrested for OWI is a very serious matter that could potentially result in equally serious consequences. Should one be facing drunk driving charges, he or she may wish to seek the advice and assistance of a criminal defense attorney to help in arguing his or her case as it goes through the necessary legal proceedings.

Source: The Grand Rapids Press – “Man arrested for OWI after trying to drive on snowmobile trail: Northern Michigan police reports” Angie Jackson, Jan. 10, 2014



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