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February 2014 Archives

Three face trafficking charges after Traverse City drug raid

A drug arrest can be a very complex matter to deal with. Most in Kalamazoo would probably assume that such an arrest is as simple as law enforcement finding drugs and arresting the person found to be in possession of them. Yet such cases are rarely that easy. Depending on the circumstances of one’s arrest, he or she may end up facing a myriad of charges. While a drug possession charge alone carries with it some serious consequences, one would hope to avoid any related charges such as intent to distribute or drug trafficking.

Officer's career in jeopardy after his arrest in Battle Creek

Most never anticipate being arrested, much less having to deal with the consequences of that arrest. Yet the ramifications of an alleged run-in with the law can reach much farther than one may realize. Aside from jeopardizing one's personal freedom, an arrest can affect his or her job and family, as well as his good standing in the Kalamazoo community. Often, it's those unintended consequences that people find are the hardest to deal with.

Five charged in connection to Tecumseh sports betting operation

This time of year brings with it the biggest sporting event in America: the Super Bowl. And as most in Kalamazoo already know, Super Sunday is one of the biggest days of the year for sports gambling. For years, sports handicappers have used the big game as a way to entice countless people across the country to put their kids’ college funds up against outlandish odds, all in hopes of getting that big pay day. Yet it’s important to remember that such transactions are only allowed through licensed gambling brokers in those states which allow such betting. Those looking to make a few bucks on the side by running their own little sports gambling ring without a license and/or in states that don’t allow it risk facing severe criminal penalties.

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