Officer’s career in jeopardy after his arrest in Battle Creek

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2014 | Criminal Defense

Most never anticipate being arrested, much less having to deal with the consequences of that arrest. Yet the ramifications of an alleged run-in with the law can reach much farther than one may realize. Aside from jeopardizing one’s personal freedom, an arrest can affect his or her job and family, as well as his good standing in the Kalamazoo community. Often, it’s those unintended consequences that people find are the hardest to deal with.

Those consequences could soon be faced by an Indiana sheriff’s officer who was recently arrested in Battle Creek. Although he only faces misdemeanor domestic battery charges, his law enforcement career could be in jeopardy. A conviction would prompt his automatic dismissal from his police unit. He would also be stripped of the right to carry a gun in the state of Indiana. He faces all of these potential penalties despite having received multiple accolades as a member of his local SWAT unit. According to department officials, an internal investigation involving the officer has been initiated. He will remain suspended with pay while this ordeal plays out.

While such consequences may seem severe, especially in light of his public service, they are some of the grim realities that could potentially accompany an arrest and criminal conviction. Yet this officer, along with others in similar situations, will be provided every opportunity to argue their case before authorities. The likelihood if securing a favorable outcome can increase dramatically if one has an ally on his or her side that knows and understands the law. He or she may find such an ally in the form of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Source: Fort Wayne Journal Gazette “Allen County Sheriff’s officer suspended after arrest in Michigan” Jeff Wiehe, Feb. 06, 2014



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