Three face trafficking charges after Traverse City drug raid

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A drug arrest can be a very complex matter to deal with. Most in Kalamazoo would probably assume that such an arrest is as simple as law enforcement finding drugs and arresting the person found to be in possession of them. Yet such cases are rarely that easy. Depending on the circumstances of one’s arrest, he or she may end up facing a myriad of charges. While a drug possession charge alone carries with it some serious consequences, one would hope to avoid any related charges such as intent to distribute or drug trafficking.

A group from Traverse City faces a similar web of charges after a local narcotics task force raided a suspected drug house. Five of the house’s occupants were arrested during the raid. Aside from finding illegal drugs during their search, officers also found a large amount of money that suggested that the group had also been involved in drug trafficking. In all, three of the five arrested were charged with this offense.

One’s arrest as part of a drug raid may simply be a case of him or her being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Yet because of the association with such activity, he or she may easily end up facing several drug-related criminal charges. In order to avoid being punished for drug activity that he or she had no real part in, one may need help from an outside source that understands police procedures and what his or her rights are. A criminal defense attorney may be able to provide one with such assistance.

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