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March 2014 Archives

Oceola Township man to have his BAC retested in OWI case

Being arrested for OWI in Kalamazoo definitely isn't something one looks forward to. Yet it also doesn't automatically mean that a conviction is forthcoming, either. Law enforcement officials are required to follow very strict procedures when it comes to testing one's blood alcohol content (BAC). Even the slightest deviation from those procedures can open their case up to scrutiny. The ability for one to recognize those times when evidence to be used against him or her at trial was collected improperly could mean the difference between a conviction and exoneration.

Kalamazoo drug raid nets eight suspects

It goes without saying that drug addiction is a very serious matter. Aside from the well-documented health risks that the use of illicit substances presents, many often find that such an addiction can easily land them in trouble with the law. While many in Kalamazoo may believe that they are immune from such troubles, the truth is that drug addiction can take root in almost any environment. Without help, such a problem can jeopardize one's personal freedom, damage his or her reputation, and completely take over his or her life.

Youth could be tried as an adult following Battle Creek shooting

One probably never anticipates needing the services of a criminal defense attorney. Yet many in Kalamazoo who themselves find a way to avoid legal troubles may also find themselves needing to assist with the criminal defense of a friend or family member. This is often the case when dealing with the arrest of one’s own child. While juvenile criminal proceedings may differ slightly from those of adults, teens and pre-teens still need adequate legal representation if they hope to secure a favorable outcome to their cases. Depending upon the severity of the crimes they’re charged with, the need for that representation may be even greater, as authorities may choose to charge them as adults. 

Muskegon man faces federal charges after his recent arrest

Those who’ve been convicted of a felony charge in the past know that there is often a stigma that will follow them around Kalamazoo even after they’ve paid their debts to society. While that stigma alone is tough enough to overcome, one also faces the likelihood of a lack of leniency from the court should he or she be arrested on felony charges again. A first offense may be viewed as a random mistake, and one’s lack of a previous felony conviction may illicit some understanding during sentencing. However, if it’s believed that one is displaying a pattern of alleged criminal behavior, he or she may be afforded little understanding in any subsequent court appearances.

Multiple charges await Lowell man after fatal accident

The potential penalties associated with an OWI arrest in Kalamazoo can be very serious. Attempting to combat those charges alone can be a difficult proposition. That difficulty only increases if one is charged with other felonies on top of a suspected drunk driving offense. While one may hope for an acceptable outcome to an OWI charge, the possibility of earning such an outcome is greatly diminished if one is also suspected of other offenses in connection to drunk driving.

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