Kalamazoo drug raid nets eight suspects

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2014 | Drug Crimes

It goes without saying that drug addiction is a very serious matter. Aside from the well-documented health risks that the use of illicit substances presents, many often find that such an addiction can easily land them in trouble with the law. While many in Kalamazoo may believe that they are immune from such troubles, the truth is that drug addiction can take root in almost any environment. Without help, such a problem can jeopardize one’s personal freedom, damage his or her reputation, and completely take over his or her life.

Such appears to be the case for eight Kalamazoo residents recently arrested on drug charges. Neighbors who knew the group say that none of them had any troubles or legal problems at all prior to their being apprehended after police found drug paraphernalia following a search of a neighborhood home. Authorities say that drug activity has become more common among tightly-knit groups of friends and associates such as these suspects. This police action is merely the latest in the ongoing efforts of local authorities to try and vet out the influences of illegal drugs that has taken hold in the area.

For those whose addiction leads to a drug arrest, the potential criminal penalties that they may be forced to face may only compound their struggles in overcoming their drug problems. Yet with the right help, one may be able to secure an outcome to his or her case that could assist in getting the treatment needed to overcome such an addiction. A criminal defense attorney may be able to help one get such assistance through negotiations and cooperation with the court.

Source: WWMT-TV “Eight arrested in Kalamazoo meth bust” Mar. 08, 2014



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