Muskegon man faces federal charges after his recent arrest

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Those who’ve been convicted of a felony charge in the past know that there is often a stigma that will follow them around Kalamazoo even after they’ve paid their debts to society. While that stigma alone is tough enough to overcome, one also faces the likelihood of a lack of leniency from the court should he or she be arrested on felony charges again. A first offense may be viewed as a random mistake, and one’s lack of a previous felony conviction may illicit some understanding during sentencing. However, if it’s believed that one is displaying a pattern of alleged criminal behavior, he or she may be afforded little understanding in any subsequent court appearances.

A Muskegon man faces this very real possibility after his recent arrest on federal drug and gun charges. He had only recently completed a prison sentence for felonious assault. His most recent arrest came after authorities followed a package they knew to contain illegal drugs to his residence. The package had been identified as suspicious at a Grand Rapids postal facility and pulled from circulation. It was later found to contain a large amount of both cocaine and marijuana. The package was resealed and delivered, and police arrested the man shortly after he received it.

A repeat felony charge may not win one any friends with authorities, yet it also doesn’t automatically mean one is destined to be convicted and sentenced to the maximum penalty allowed by law. He or she will still have the chance to argue the case before the court. Any chance one has of securing a favorable outcome may be greatly increased with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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