Youth could be tried as an adult following Battle Creek shooting

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One probably never anticipates needing the services of a criminal defense attorney. Yet many in Kalamazoo who themselves find a way to avoid legal troubles may also find themselves needing to assist with the criminal defense of a friend or family member. This is often the case when dealing with the arrest of one’s own child. While juvenile criminal proceedings may differ slightly from those of adults, teens and pre-teens still need adequate legal representation if they hope to secure a favorable outcome to their cases. Depending upon the severity of the crimes they’re charged with, the need for that representation may be even greater, as authorities may choose to charge them as adults.

Such is the case involving a youth arrested in connection with a shooting in Battle Creek. The youngster is charged with shooting another man in the leg along with an accomplice, who is still at large. Law enforcement officials have him detained at a local juvenile home as he awaits trial for multiple felony charges. Early indications are that prosecutors may choose to charge him as an adult.

The difference between penalties handed out in juvenile court as opposed to a regular criminal court can be significant. While many juvenile rulings are geared towards helping allegedly troubled youths work towards a crime-free future, the penalties one faces in criminal court potentially doom a teen to a lifetime of criminal activity before he or she even reaches adulthood. In these situations, parents need someone who will fight for their juvenile’s rights and understands the inner workings of the legal system. A criminal defense attorney may provide that assistance.

Source: Mlive Kalamazoo “Juvenile arrested in Battle Creek shooting, may be charged as adult” Aaron Mueller, Mar. 07, 2014



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