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April 2014 Archives

Michigan's starting center facing OWI charges

There's really no such thing as a minor OWI charge. Anyone arrested for this offense faces both severe criminal penalties as well as potential social consequences should he or she be convicted. Yet some definitely stand to lose more than others. Figures in Kalamazoo who are in positions of authority or those in the public eye risk having their reputations damaged. Others may even stand to lose those positions on which they rely for their livelihood (or at least those that they hope will eventually provide them with a better living).

Saline woman facing concurrent murder and drug charges

If facing one criminal charge in Kalamazoo is considered difficult, facing two charges may be thought to be absolutely impossible to overcome. Even if the two charges are unrelated, one can't help but be concerned that those hearing these cases may view such concurrent activity as an established pattern of criminal behavior. In fact, it's not that much of a stretch to think that the result of one criminal case will almost always have a direct influence on the outcome of another.

New evidence helps to free man 25 years after murder conviction

Those arrested for felony crimes in Kalamazoo are sure to have their resolve tested as they work their way through the accompanying criminal proceedings. What’s left of that resolve could be absolutely shattered if they’re convicted. Yet it’s important to remember that a conviction doesn’t end one’s legal struggle; he or she has every opportunity to continue to fight on through appeals should new evidence arise. Many may think that such efforts are almost always fruitless, yet those who’ve had their convictions overturned would most certainly disagree.

Grandville man's criminal history an issue in OWI accident trial

Being charged with any crime in Kalamazoo is a very serious matter. It can become even more serious should the accused have a previous criminal history. Repeat offenders don't often find much sympathy with the courts. One with a criminal history may find that even seemingly minor criminal accusations could leave him or her facing very serious penalties.

Talking too long at town meeting gets Bridgeport man arrested

For the most people in Kalamazoo, the idea of then ever facing felony charges may seem completely outlandish to them. They probably make it a point to observe all of the perceived laws and regulations that could potentially land them in such legal trouble. Yet many may be surprised as to what actions can lead to felonies. What some people may believe is well within their legal rights to do could possibly end up in a felony arrest.

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