Grandville man’s criminal history an issue in OWI accident trial

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2014 | Criminal Defense

Being charged with any crime in Kalamazoo is a very serious matter. It can become even more serious should the accused have a previous criminal history. Repeat offenders don’t often find much sympathy with the courts. One with a criminal history may find that even seemingly minor criminal accusations could leave him or her facing very serious penalties.

Such is the case with a Grandville man who currently stands accused of causing an accident that caused serious injuries to another while operating under the influence. Compounding this man’s troubles is the fact that he has a history of criminal convictions for offenses such as passing bad checks and home invasion. This most recent event represents the fourth time he has faced criminal charges. Because of his previous convictions, mandatory sentencing requirements could see him being incarcerated for a minimum of 76 months, with a life sentence also being a distinct possibility.

On top of his legal troubles, the man also sustained his own serious injuries during the accident he is accused of causing. Yet he has chosen to go forward with his case, rejecting a plea agreement offered by prosecutors that would have given him a shorter prison sentence.

Mounting a successful criminal defense can be extremely difficult, especially when one brings a criminal record to the table. Those facing such a scenario need all the help they can get. Such help should include a strong knowledge of the law, as well as experience in working through criminal proceedings. A criminal defense attorney may be the best sort of such assistance.

Source: The Grand Rapids Press – “Accused drunken driver in head-on crash turns down plea deal” Barton Delters, Apr. 04, 2014



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