Michigan’s starting center facing OWI charges

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2014 | Drunk Driving

There’s really no such thing as a minor OWI charge. Anyone arrested for this offense faces both severe criminal penalties as well as potential social consequences should he or she be convicted. Yet some definitely stand to lose more than others. Figures in Kalamazoo who are in positions of authority or those in the public eye risk having their reputations damaged. Others may even stand to lose those positions on which they rely for their livelihood (or at least those that they hope will eventually provide them with a better living).

Such is the case with Graham Glasgow, an offensive lineman for the University of Michigan Wolverines. The young man was the only lineman to start every game for the Wolverines last season, and most would assume that he’ll remain a starter this upcoming year. His position now could possibly be jeopardized thanks to a charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. After he was charged in March, Wolverine head coach Brady Hoke announced that Glasgow would be held out of much of team’s spring practices, as well as their season-opening game. Not only does Glasgow now face the possibility of an OWI conviction, but he must sit back while another player makes a claim for his position.

The possibility of losing such things may not be at the forefront of one’s mind when he or she allegedly makes the decision to drink and drive. Yet facing an OWI charge doesn’t mean that all is lost. With the right help, he or she may be able to secure a favorable outcome to his or her case. An experienced criminal defense attorney may go a long way towards making that happen.

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