New evidence helps to free man 25 years after murder conviction

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2014 | Felonies

Those arrested for felony crimes in Kalamazoo are sure to have their resolve tested as they work their way through the accompanying criminal proceedings. What’s left of that resolve could be absolutely shattered if they’re convicted. Yet it’s important to remember that a conviction doesn’t end one’s legal struggle; he or she has every opportunity to continue to fight on through appeals should new evidence arise. Many may think that such efforts are almost always fruitless, yet those who’ve had their convictions overturned would most certainly disagree.

A New York man recently saw his resolve to continue appealing his murder conviction pay off. His legal team was able to find witnesses whose stories contradict that of the woman who had testified against him in his 1989 murder trial (the woman herself later recanted). That information, combined with evidence recently discovered by prosecutors that placed the man in Florida hours before the shooting took place in New York, was enough to convince a judge to dismiss his murder conviction. After working tirelessly for 25 years to clear his name, the man was once again reunited with his family.

While his own efforts to keep his case alive are what ultimately freed him from prison, this man no doubt owes a debt of gratitude to his attorney for helping him in the process. Without that assistance, those who still hold out hope of having their felony convictions overturned may not have the resources to find new information to help bolster their claims of innocence. Thus, those wanting to continue such a fight may wish to work closely with a criminal defense attorney.

Source: USA Today “Man cleared of NYC murder after 25 years in prison” Apr. 08, 2014



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