Talking too long at town meeting gets Bridgeport man arrested

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2014 | Felonies

For the most people in Kalamazoo, the idea of then ever facing felony charges may seem completely outlandish to them. They probably make it a point to observe all of the perceived laws and regulations that could potentially land them in such legal trouble. Yet many may be surprised as to what actions can lead to felonies. What some people may believe is well within their legal rights to do could possibly end up in a felony arrest.

Such surprise may have been felt by a Bridgeport man recently arrested on felony charges. The reason: speaking too long at a township board meeting. The man had attended the meeting in order to air his grievances with the city. Yet when the three minutes that he was allotted to speak were up, he kept talking. He was asked to stop talking by the township supervisor, but continued to speak over him. Police were summoned, and he eventually was removed from the chamber and arrested.

Township board members say that this is not the first time that the man has been removed from a meeting, as his beef with city officials has been ongoing for quite some time. This is, however, the first time he has been arrested. The actual felony charge against him is for resisting a police officer. This charge carries with it a potential two-year prison sentence.

While the man’s refusal to stop talking and his confrontational history with the city may have caused some to feel threatened by him, it may also be argued that the potential punishment exceeds the alleged crime in this situation. Anyone needing to defend themselves against felony charges, whatever they may be, might be better served to trust that defense to an attorney.

Source: The Saginaw News “Bridgeport man faces felony after speaking too long township board meeting” Brad Devereaux, Mar. 18, 2014



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