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May 2014 Archives

Search of single home leads to 10 arrests in Kalamazoo

Authorities in Kalamazoo Township recently received information about a particular house in the area. Police suspected that drugs were an issue in this specific home, although it was unclear whether the suspicions were based on a citizen tip or other evidence.

Detroit SAE kit testing backlog prompts new legislation

Michigan lawmakers are currently considering legislation that proposes requirements for law enforcement officers relating to the investigation of sex crimes cases. The bill specifically targets the testing of sexual assault examination kits by implementing strict time limitations for collection and testing.

13,700 traffic stops made during Michigan DUI initiative

Officers out on patrol in Kalamazoo keep an eye out for any possible traffic violations. This includes everything from non-moving violations to moving violations, like speeding, and even serious offenses, like drunk driving. A patrol car may respond to a report of a violation or happen upon a situation involving one, but that isn't where all arrests are made.

Allegan special needs boy charged with multiple felonies

Disruptive and aggressive juvenile behavior should never be encouraged, as it can often land youths in Kalamazoo in trouble with local authorities. Yet when such outbursts happen, it still should be remembered that kids are kids. When the kids involved suffer from social problems and/or have special needs, the understanding that they really don’t comprehend the consequences of their actions is even more important. While that understanding shouldn’t be confused for a lack of accountability, exactly how much accountability is warranted may be up for debate. In any event, one certainly wouldn’t anticipate a special needs child facing a felony charge.

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