Allegan special needs boy charged with multiple felonies

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Disruptive and aggressive juvenile behavior should never be encouraged, as it can often land youths in Kalamazoo in trouble with local authorities. Yet when such outbursts happen, it still should be remembered that kids are kids. When the kids involved suffer from social problems and/or have special needs, the understanding that they really don’t comprehend the consequences of their actions is even more important. While that understanding shouldn’t be confused for a lack of accountability, exactly how much accountability is warranted may be up for debate. In any event, one certainly wouldn’t anticipate a special needs child facing a felony charge.

Yet if a recent case in Allegan County is any indication, that assumption may not be accurate. A local 8-year old boy described as having special needs is actually facing felony charges after an encounter with local law enforcement. Officials were called in when the boy was found at an area party store after he had run away from his learning center. When officers tried to talk him, the boy was combative, and was eventually placed in the back of one of the police vehicles alone. While sitting back there, he allegedly broke a police camera. Now, he’s facing charges for resisting arrest and destruction of police property.

The boy’s step-father questions the actions of police in dealing with the boy, as well as the severity of the charges that he’s facing. Others may also feel as though felony charges for an 8-year old seem a little excessive. In incidents such as these where children could be facing potentially very adult penalties, their families will often need assistance to help fight for their children’s rights. A criminal defense attorney may be the best source of that assistance.

Source: The Christian Post “8-Y-O ‘Special Needs’ Boy Is Facing 2 Felony Charges After Altercation with Police” Leonardo Blair, Apr. 22, 2014



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