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June 2014 Archives

3 people face drug, stolen property charges

Working on a tip, police recently detained three people in Sturgis on charges of possession and delivery of methamphetamine, felony firearms and possession of stolen property. According to the Sturgis Police Department, officers found drugs and stolen property at a Centreville Road address related to the three individuals.

Michigan man faces trial in boss's shooting death

A Sturgis man is set to face trial in the alleged shooting death of his boss after his attorney's motion to quash the bind-over to trial proved unsuccessful. Prosecutors theorized that tensions were running high at the accounting firm where the man worked after the man was accused of embezzlement. They also theorized that the man had had an emotionally charged meeting with his boss the day before the boss was found dead, having been shot in the head.

Free ORV weekend came and went but DUI laws were always the same

On the first weekend in June, residents across Michigan or those simply visiting the state could take to the public trails and routes on their off-road vehicles without having to first obtain the proper permit or license. Once every year this weekend occurs, and is appropriately named the free Off-Road Vehicle weekend.

40-minute firearm incident raises rights debate in Michigan

What are our rights? On the surface, that question is easily answered. Just look at the Bill of Rights for guidance. We have the right to free speech, to practice the religion of our choosing, to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, to avoid self-incrimination, to due process and to bear arms, amongst others of course.

Couples use family law tool to regulate spouse's online posts

The Internet is an amazing thing. People can communicate instantaneously, mass messages can be sent out simultaneously, almost any service or product can be purchased, answers to almost any question are available with a simple keystroke and much, much more. Of course, there are some drawbacks to this technology too.

Michigan neighbor reports 'weird behavior' based on employment

Earlier this month a Michigan woman reported to police what she had deemed "weird behavior" exhibited by her neighbor. When Newschannel 3 interviewed the woman, they asked her why she decided to report this particular incident when he had exhibited similar behavior in the past.

What's said 'in the heat of the moment' can lead to trouble

There are some criminal charges that, while not always in practice, at least in name describe a certain offense. Then, there is a charge like disorderly conduct. Although there are parameters set by ordinance and statute, the term itself is broad; doing little to describe for the average citizen exactly which behaviors might disrupt the peace.

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