Kalamazoo men suspected of jewelry store robbery

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On July 14, a Michigan man was taken into police custody after authorities determined that he might have been involved in a robbery. According to reports, the alleged criminal activity occurred at around 5:45 p.m. in the Brighton area. Officers with the Brighton Police Department report that the individual who was arrested was believed to have driven two men away from the scene of a robbery at a local jewelry store.

The police claim that the motorist who was detained transported the two men who had robbed the store down I-96 while law enforcement followed. While police claim to have taken the motorist into custody right away, the other two individuals escaped on foot before being detained later. At the time of reporting, it was unclear whether the driver would be indicted for misdemeanor felony crimes as none of the trio had been charged with any illegal activity.

From initial reports, it is unclear whether the driver even knew the two men. Surveillance footage revealed that the pair violently smashed their way through a case inside the jewelry store, but reports didn’t clarify whether they could have also forced their way into the man’s car. Police claim to have found stolen watches from the store inside the vehicle.

Those targeted by burglary charges may not necessarily have directly participated in robberies or theft. Individuals can be charged as accessories when they aid others who participated in criminal activity, but the authorities are responsible for proving that they willingly offered assistance. Although police and prosecutors sometimes portray cases as open-and-shut affairs to the accused, individuals who face charges may wish to study more about the legal ramifications of their cases prior to agreeing to plea deals or trying to come up with defense strategies.

Source: Wood TV, “Kzoo man arrested in jewelry store robbery”, July 15, 2014



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