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August 2014 Archives

18-year-old man accused of murder during drug deal

On Aug. 19, an 18-year-old Michigan man who was accused of fatally shooting a 19-year-old man after an alleged drug deal went wrong was ordered to stand trial. According to the report, a Kalamazoo County District Court judge determined that there was enough evidence to send the case to trial based on the allegations that the defendant shot a gun twice into an area where several people were standing.

Tigers minor league pitcher has sex charges dismissed

A Michigan judge ruled to dismiss third-degree sexual assault charges against a minor league pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. According to the judge, prosecutors did not meet the burden of probable cause while presenting evidence and testimony from the alleged victim. The judge commented that he might have doubts about the witness' credibility, and he did not believe all of her testimony.

Penalties for drunk driving in Michigan

Motorists in Michigan may benefit from reviewing the Secretary of State's outline of the terminology, laws and penalties concerning substance abuse and driving. The legal limit for blood alcohol content while driving in Michigan is .08 percent. Drivers registering .17 percent or above are considered to have a "high BAC" and may be subject to increased penalties. Motorists who commit a third drunk driving offense, or cause death or serious injury from drunk driving, may face felony charges.

Woman charged for DUI after striking meter, causing gas leak

A Michigan woman was accused of drunk driving after an accident in Kalamazoo that caused a gas leak on Aug. 14. Following the crash, the woman was taken into custody and charged for leaving the scene of an accident and drinking and driving.

Father and son taken into custody on drug charges

According to Michigan State Police, a father and son are facing drug charges after being taken into custody on the afternoon of July 30. The pair are accused of growing marijuana. Officers reportedly removed several items from a residence at the time the two were placed in police custody after officers served a search warrant in connection with a murder investigation.

Man receives charges after meth raid at his home

Police in Michigan arrested a 55-year-old man on Aug. 5 after allegedly discovering meth waste in his home. The raid took place in Lockport Township and was conducted by the St. Joseph County Special Response Team and the St. Joseph County Area Narcotics Unit. Afterwards, the St. Joseph County Health Department declared that the man's house was not habitable for humans, and officials from Adult Protective Services stated that a vulnerable adult had been removed from the residence.

Michigan woman pleads guilty in party store burglary

An 18-year-old woman has pleaded guilty in relation to her role in an alleged robbery of a party store located in Hampton Township. Prosecutors agreed to drop one charge of breaking and entering with intent to commit larceny in exchange for the woman's plea of guilty to one count of the same charge. Prosecutors also dropped a lesser charge of receiving and concealing stolen property as an element of the plea deal. Breaking and entering with intent to commit larceny is punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment under Michigan state law.

Officials discover contraband and drone outside of prison

The idea of drones smuggling drugs into a Michigan prison may seem far-fetched, but South Carolina officials have encountered this issue recently. On April 21, a crashed drone was discovered outside of the razor wire fencing at a correctional facility. Officials believe that the incident involving the maximum security prison may be the first such case in the state although a similar incident occurred in Georgia last year. In the Georgia case, tobacco and cellphones were found in a drone that attempted to enter a prison facility. In the South Carolina case, however, marijuana was discovered in addition to tobacco and phones.

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