Man receives charges after meth raid at his home

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Police in Michigan arrested a 55-year-old man on Aug. 5 after allegedly discovering meth waste in his home. The raid took place in Lockport Township and was conducted by the St. Joseph County Special Response Team and the St. Joseph County Area Narcotics Unit. Afterwards, the St. Joseph County Health Department declared that the man’s house was not habitable for humans, and officials from Adult Protective Services stated that a vulnerable adult had been removed from the residence.

As a result of the search and seizure, the accused man received a felony charge for firearms that were discovered on his property. He was also charged for maintaining a drug house and operating and maintaining a methamphetamine lab with hazardous waste.

Police had reportedly obtained the search warrant after receiving information about a methamphetamine manufacturing operation going on at the man’s house on Patterson Lane. When the alleged meth waste was found by police, the hazardous materials were reportedly neutralized and taken away from the residence. It is unclear where authorities obtained the information that led to the meth raid.

When police conduct a drug raid at someone’s home, they are legally obligated to act appropriately so that the occupants’ rights are not violated. If police did not obtain a proper search warrant or failed to read someone their rights, the raid may later be found to have been unlawful. A criminal defense attorney might be able to help suppress evidence that was gathered during an illegal raid, thus breaking down the case that is being presented by the prosecution.

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