Buying cold medication leads to 3 sentences for drug possession

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On Aug. 27, it was reported that three Michigan residents who were accused of possessing methamphetamine were sentenced to prison. The press release stated that the individuals, who were identified as a 52-year-old Union City woman, a 28-year-old Quincy man and a 35-year-old woman, were found guilty of drug-associated charges after they were caught purchasing pseudoephedrine.

The 52-year-old woman was taken into custody after an officer performed a traffic stop on her vehicle after she purchased the ingredients for meth in April. In the report, she stated that she had a long history of drug abuse that began with an addiction to cocaine when she was 35. The judge stated she would support her addiction by stealing items from drug stores, and she admitted that she would trade Sudafed for methamphetamine. She was sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison.

The man and his girlfriend were also accused of trading cold medicine for a small amount of methamphetamine. When the authorities searched their apartment, they also reportedly seized 20 pills. He was sentenced to nine months in prison. The 35-year-old woman and her husband made the drug in their home after purchasing the medication. When they were taken into custody, they had reportedly been using the drug for two days. She was also facing charges in Indiana at the time the report was released.

If someone is convicted of methamphetamine possession, they could potentially be facing a prison sentence or probation. An attorney may be able to help them avoid serious consequences by providing a strong defense for their clients against the charges. For example, there may be evidence that any medication that was purchased was not being used for meth production. Otherwise, the attorney may be able to negotiate with the prosecution in order to reduce the consequences.

Source: The Daily Reporter, “Three sentenced for meth possession“, August 27, 2014



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