Fight between 2 roommates leads to assault charge

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On Sept. 11, a fight between two roommates resulted in Kalamazoo County sheriff’s deputies being called to a home in Texas Township. After responding to the call at around 1 a.m., deputies transported one of the roommates to Kalamazoo County Jail. While in custody, the man was charged for felonious assault along with several other charges.

According to the accused man’s roommate, an altercation had taken place at the home that included the accused man physically assaulting him, firing a gun and pointing the gun at him. While pointing the gun, the man had allegedly threatened to shoot his roommate. The roommate also claimed that the man had been drinking alcoholic beverages the previous afternoon and into the night.

Deputies at the scene apparently searched the home before locating the accused man and taking him into custody. Afterwards, deputies secured a search warrant and returned to collect various items from the residence. Firearms, unused rounds of ammunition and used rounds of ammunition were seized from the property.

A person who faces an assault charge that involves the use of a firearm may wish to consult a criminal defense attorney. After conducting a thorough review of the available evidence in the case, an attorney may advise a defendant about the best way to proceed. If the defendant decides to plead innocent, an attorney may challenge claims made by the prosecution about the defendant’s intention to cause harm during the incident. The eyewitness involved in the altercation may also be cross-examined and challenged about their account of what happened. However, in some cases, it may be beneficial to pursue a plea deal that may result in mitigated sentencing.

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