Man faces charges after selling marijuana to police

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A 52-year-old Michigan man pleaded not guilty to two counts for controlled substance delivery and manufacture of marijuana. Although the man and his wife both hold medical marijuana cards, the assistant prosecutor in the case claims that the man was found in possession of over 500 marijuana plants, more than his card legally entitles him to possess.

The man was charged for the alleged drug crimes after Michigan State Police officers visited his home in Reading and discovered the plants. An officer had first contacted him after noticing that the man was advertising marijuana on Craigslist. While visiting in plain clothes, the officer gave the man money in exchange for 31 marijuana plants. Police officers went to the home afterwards, and the man reportedly allowed them to search his greenhouse.

If he is convicted, the man’s medical marijuana license will be automatically suspended, and he could face a possible sentence of up to four years in prison. He may also be fined $20,000. Following his arraignment, the accused man said that the plants he grows are for the benefit of other medical marijuana patients. He also said that he and his wife just get the plants started before donating them to the other patients. He is expected to face a jury trial on Feb. 10, 2015.

Due to the growing acceptance of medical marijuana use by the general public, some individuals facing criminal charges involving marijuana may feel that a trial by jury would offer the best possible outcome for their case. Before making the decision to ask for a jury trial, however, an accused person may want to consult a criminal defense attorney.

Source: Hillsdale Daily News, “Man to face jury for marijuana charges“, Matthew Maneval, September 18, 2014



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