Michigan pair charged for allegedly growing marijuana

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Several months after authorities in Michigan executed two search warrants, various drug charges were laid against a man and a woman, both Hartford residents, on Sept. 23. The searches were reportedly conducted at a business and a house in Hartford Township on July 18 following an investigation into alleged unlawful drug-related activities at both locations. At the time of the searches, the 38-year-old woman was found in the business on West Main Street while the 43-year-old man was found in the residence on 60th Street.

According to authorities, the business was found to contain finished product marijuana, and a search of the house revealed 68 marijuana plants in three grow rooms along with firearms. Both individuals were charged with several drug delivery and drug manufacturing counts along with one count each for felony use of a firearm.

When sheriff’s deputies and detectives searched the home and the business, they did not immediately take the man or the woman into custody. On Sept. 23, both accused individuals turned themselves in. After they were arraigned the same day, they were released on their own recognizance while awaiting a court appearance slated for Oct. 1.

A person who has been handed several charges that resulted from a search and seizure may wish to seek help disputing his or her charges from a criminal defense attorney. The attorney could conduct a thorough investigation into all police activities leading up to and during the execution of the search warrant in an effort to uncover any unlawful behavior by authorities that infringed upon the defendant’s rights and could lead to a dismissal of charges. Afterwards, a lawyer may file multiple motions to suppress evidence that may have been seized unlawfully in order to significantly weaken the prosecution’s case or secure a dismissal of charges.

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