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October 2014 Archives

Michigan contractor convicted in defective weapon parts case

A 55-year-old man was found guilty of fraud and document-altering charges on Oct. 23. Sentencing for the felony charges is slated for Nov. 3, at which point the man is required to surrender to the United States Marshal's Office. The man is said to have provided defective machine gun and grenade launcher parts to the military, creating serious risk for soldiers.

Michigan drug possession crimes and penalties

When someone is charged in Michigan with drug possession, they face potentially very serious consequences. The Michigan legislature has outlined penalties for possession of drugs, with the penalties ranging depending on the amount and the drug classification.

2 Michigan men charged with heroin possession

Two Michigan men were arraigned on drug charges on Oct. 17, two days after authorities executed search warrants on their homes. One of the homes was reportedly located in the 4000 block of Learman in Sigel Township, and the other was located in the 900 block of East Huron in Bad Axe.

Why young couples should consider a prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreements aren't something that many young couples in Michigan consider when getting married. Young people who haven't accumulated many assets assume that they have no reason to get one. However, just because assets are scarce now doesn't mean they will always be.

Michigan business owner charged with felony assault

A 25-year-old Bay City thrift store owner was charged by law enforcement officers with two felonies for allegedly striking a teenager in the back of his head with a shovel on Sept. 5 around 4:54 p.m. There were conflicting witness reports. Some indicated that the defendant acted without provocation while others told officers the business owner was either acting in self-defense or in defense of his pregnant girlfriend when he struck the other man.

What are the penalties for possessing and selling marijuana?

The potential penalties for possessing or selling marijuana in Michigan vary depending on the amount of marijuana possessed or cultivated as well as the location in which a person has been charged with possessing it. The penalties for possession or sale of marijuana range from misdemeanor-level to felony offenses.

Alleged meth trafficker convicted for various charges

A jury in Kalamazoo found an alleged methamphetamine trafficker guilty of several federal charges on Oct. 2. The 45-year-old man is accused of helping to bring large amounts of methamphetamine into Michigan through his connections to suppliers in Mexico. He was reportedly the subject of an investigation for several years before he was detained on the drug charges.

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