2 Michigan men charged with heroin possession

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Two Michigan men were arraigned on drug charges on Oct. 17, two days after authorities executed search warrants on their homes. One of the homes was reportedly located in the 4000 block of Learman in Sigel Township, and the other was located in the 900 block of East Huron in Bad Axe.

The two men, both age 22, were taken into custody prior to the execution of the search warrants. During the search, the authorities reported that they seized 46 packets of what was thought to be heroin, prescription medication, marijuana and items associated with drug use in addition to approximately $300 in cash. A vehicle that was owned by one of the men was also seized.

Authorities stated that the investigation was still ongoing, and they also indicated that there were two other individuals reported as underage women allegedly involved. As of Oct. 17, the two men were both charged with felony possession of heroin, but it is expected that they will face additional drug charges. The men were being held in custody on a $15,000 bond.

Depending upon certain factors of the case, a criminal defense attorney may both challenge the investigation and present an argument against the allegations. For example, if there is evidence that the authorities did not follow proper protocol when executing any search warrants, evidence that was seized could be suppressed. This could potentially result in a complete dismissal of the charges if the prosecution no longer has the evidence needed to argue that the accused person is guilty. In other cases where the evidence against the person is strong and all procedures were properly followed, the defense may argue that their client needs treatment for an addiction, which could result in an alternative sentence that avoids more severe consequences.

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