4 Philadelphia men charged in Michigan jewelry heists

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2014 | Criminal Defense

Law enforcement authorities announced that three more Philadelphia men were taken into custody and charged in connection with jewelry store robberies that occurred in Michigan on April 22. A fourth man was previously incarcerated and is in Michigan custody awaiting trial on the charges.

According to reports, the four were members of an armed-robbery team based in Philadelphia. They allegedly traveled to Michigan in April, where they reportedly robbed jewelry stores located in Grand Rapids and West Bloomfield. The first man who was charged was detained in September. The three most recently charged in the case are still in Pennsylvania pending extradition to face their charges.

All four men are facing charges of being felons in possession of weapons, interfering with commerce through robbery, conspiracy and using weapons in the furtherance of violence. Their charges are all pending in federal court. The four men reportedly entered the jewelry stores with covered faces and brandished firearms. The first man detained in the case was allegedly shot in the arm; DNA testing supposedly led authorities to his identity and subsequent whereabouts. Multiple law enforcement agencies participated in the ensuing criminal investigation following the alleged armed robberies.

Those accused have the right to be represented by an attorney, to present a defense and to remain silent. Information divulged to an attorney may be confidential and used to the defendant’s benefit; an attorney may be able to tailor a defense strategy to their client’s unique circumstances. If negotiations are successful, charges may be mitigated or dropped completely.

Source: The Detroit News, “3 arrests in Philadelphia for Michigan jewelry heists“, Lauren Abdel-Razzaq, October 28, 2014



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