Criminal charge sought against employees of Kalamazoo hospital

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Healthcare providers often have difficult, exhausting jobs. Despite the hardships they may face, they remain dedicated to their jobs and continue to attempt to help their patients. Unfortunately, police in Kalamazoo claim that several employees of a psychiatric hospital assaulted a patient. The authorities have since recommended a criminal charge be filed against each of the workers allegedly involved.

The 16 workers are suspected of the assault and battery of a patient. A representative for the police stated that they have video evidence of the assault. He additionally claims that there is evidence of the assaults occurring as early as June, but they could have begun even earlier. The prosecutor’s office is working to determine whether to file charges.

Despite the allegations, one of the 16 suspected workers claims that there was no wrongdoing. He states that the patient in question is violent and has put multiple healthcare workers in the hospital over the course of 10 months. Despite several requests for assistance from the state with the patient, he says, none was forthcoming. He additionally asserts that the healthcare workers were originally told by police officers that the videos showed no wrong-doing — that healthcare workers actually declined to retaliate against the violent acts of the patient.

The Kalamazoo employees in this case who may face a criminal charge could surely benefit from the advice of an experienced criminal attorney. An attorney can likely provide assistance with all stages of a criminal investigation and trial, if necessary. Anyone who is accused or suspected of a crime has certain rights that an attorney can help ensure are upheld throughout the criminal process.

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