Felony assault in Michigan

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Certain kinds of assault in Michigan are punishable in the state as felony offenses. Felony level assault offenses include all those that involve the use of dangerous weapons, including such things as knives, guns, iron bars, clubs, brass knuckles, pistols or revolvers, without any intent to cause the death of the other person or to cause the other person great bodily injury.

Covered assaults under statute include several potential penalties. Those who are convicted of felony assault can be sentenced to up to four years in prison. They can also be fined up to $2,000.

If the assault is committed in a school zone that is weapon free, the potential penalties increase in severity. In addition to four years of imprisonment, those who are convicted of felony assault in a school zone face fines of up to $6,000 and the assessment of up to 150 community service hours that they will have to complete under certain circumstances. A weapon free school zone includes both school property as well as school buses that are used to transport children.

Being charged with assault with a deadly weapon can bring severe consequences whether the offense occurred in a school zone or not. In addition to the immediate penalties outlined above, a person who has a felony conviction on their record often faces collateral consequences that can last a lifetime. Collateral consequences, such as difficulty finding employment and housing as well as hurdles when trying to obtain loans can present ongoing punishment that does not end once a sentence is completed. People who are accused of a felony offense have a right to defend against the charges. They may benefit by seeking the help of a criminal defense attorney.

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