Michigan police officer faces sexual assault charge

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2014 | Sex Crimes

Most police officers are dedicated to performing their jobs to the best of the ability, even if that means putting their own life in danger. However, authorities in Michigan claim that one police officer actually had other things on his mind while apparently on-the job . He now faces a sexual assault charge, among several others. If convicted of all the charges against him, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

The charges against the man stem from the accusations made by a 15-year-old relative. According to prosecutors, the incidents occurred from January to August of this year. He was initially charged with criminal sexual conduct.

Recently, a Michigan prosecutor has moved to add additional charges. The victim claims to have remembered additional crimes that happened while she was participating in a police “ride-along.” The additional charges include sexual assault and a weapons charge. Other than the victim’s testimony, it is unclear what additional evidence prosecutors may have against the now-suspended police officer.

With life in prison on the line, the stakes are high in the case. The accused man could decide to fight in court to defend his innocence in regard to the sexual assault charge, as well as the others. On the other hand, many people facing a similar outcome have chosen to seek to negotiate a plea deal to potentially receive a reduced sentence and/or reduced charges if they feel there is sufficient evidence to convict. If he chooses to fight the charges, Michigan prosecutors must prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt — a standard that is often difficult to meet.

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