Facing felony allegations? Our firm stands ready to help

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2015 | Felonies

Several times on this blog we have talked about felonies and the penalties associated with them. Allegations regarding a felony offense are quite serious and should be treated as such. This means that if you are facing felony charges you may want to carefully plan your criminal defense. Failing to do so could result in a conviction, landing you in prison for years, decades or even life.

Competent criminal defense firms, like David G. Moore Attorney at Law, might be able to help you navigate the oftentimes complicated legal process. First, an attorney can help you understand the charges you face. This understanding is critical so that you know your legal rights. Once you understand what you are up against and what the prosecution must show to obtain a conviction, then you and your attorney can discuss potential legal strategies.

Our legal professionals know which defenses are best suited for which alleged offenses. We diligently work to ensure each client’s individual case is thoroughly assessed and applicable law is analyzed. We make sure to address all allegations, question witnesses, and provide as strong of legal representation as is possible under the circumstances. We often advocate for our clients before a judge and jury, but we are also adept at negotiating plea bargains so that our clients can avoid the harshest of penalties.

In the end, all criminal defense decisions are yours to make. However, the assistance of an attorney can be pivotal, as his or her legal know-how can help guide you toward action that protects your best interests. Then, by putting forth an aggressive defense, you hopefully will be able to beat the serious charges you face and avoid harsh penalties.



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