Bold representation needed when facing violent crime accusations

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2015 | Violent Crimes

One of our posts last week discussed an instance where a Kalamazoo man was arrested for allegedly setting a woman on fire. Violent crime allegations such as assault, robbery, and murder are treated very seriously in Michigan, and those accused of such offenses could be confronted by an aggressive prosecution. If an adequate criminal defense is not presented before the court, then a conviction may result, forcing a criminal defendant away from his or her family, job, and normal life.

With the very real threat of prison staring many criminal defendants in the face, they should do everything they can to ensure their side of the story is heard. Additionally, accused individuals should analyze existing law to see if there is a way to utilize it to support their position. Here, an experienced legal team, like the one at David G Moore Attorney at Law, may be extremely beneficial.

Criminal defense attorneys represent you and your best interests. Ultimately, every legal decision is made by the criminal defendant, but by acquiring the assistance of a lawyer, you can make sure you know all of your options so that you can make the decisions you feel are right for you. An attorney may be able to help you assess various defense strategies and advise you as to which route may have the fairest outcome. Your lawyer can represent you in court, at trial, and/or at the negotiation table.

Being accused of a crime is a serious matter. Failing to treat it as such can be devastating to you, your family, and your future. Therefore, if you are facing violent crime accusations, you may want to consider consulting with a legal professional to see if, and if so, how, to avoid what could be long-lasting penalties. For more information, please visit our Violent Crimes Defense Attorney webpage.



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