Kalamazoo man taken into custody on assault charges

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Michigan residents can find themselves amidst an altercation in a matter of moments. Sometimes arguments arise in the domestic setting with a loved one, while other times they occur in public with strangers. No matter the circumstances, these disputes can quickly escalate and someone can end up hurt. When this happens, an individual may wind up facing accusations of criminal wrongdoing which, if proven in a court of law, could result in serious penalties, including prison time.

One Kalamazoo man may be facing harsh consequences after allegedly setting a woman on fire. According to police, the incident occurred when the couple, who lived together, got into a verbal altercation that escalated. The victim claims that the accused doused her in rubbing alcohol and then set her on fire. She was able to extinguish the fire by removing her enflamed shirt, but she still suffered burn injuries. Police say the accused individual fled the scene, but was later apprehended.

No matter the alleged offense, in order to obtain a conviction, prosecutors must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Depending on the alleged crime, this may mean proving intent and that the accused individual was actually at the scene of the offense. Though an individual fleeing the scene of a crime may be viewed as suspicious, it does not prove guilt. Therefore, even if one thinks he or she appears guilty, he or she should consider speaking with a legal professional to determine if legal options exist to protect his or her rights.

Violent crimes are aggressively prosecuted and require an equally strong defense. This means assessing the facts of the case, analyzing applicable law, questioning witnesses, providing alibis if applicable, and, perhaps, utilizing experts. If this seems overwhelming, as it often can be, it might be wise for an individual to learn more about the law and his or her particular situation.

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