Michigan man taken into custody on several drug charges

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All criminal charges should be taken seriously. However, those related to drug offenses should be especially worrisome. A criminal conviction for such a crime could lead to years, even decades behind bars, fines that could reach into the tens of thousands of dollars, and perhaps irreparable damage to an individual’s reputation. A drug crime conviction may disallow an individual from finding work, a place to live, and acquiring an education. Therefore, those who face drug charges should be ready to mount an aggressive and unyielding criminal defense.

One Michigan man may need to do just that after being taken into custody on multiple drug charges. Police claim they were investigating a methamphetamine concern when they encountered the 70-year-old accused man. Detectives state the accused consented to a search of his person and his truck, which yielded methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, and materials that police claim were components of a meth lab. He now faces several criminal charges that could land him in jail for a very long time.

When defending against drug charges, there are many things to consider. For example, in an instance like this one, it may be worth analyzing whether consent was actually given. If the police fail to obtain consent or search without a warrant and without a qualifying exemption, then seized evidence may be barred from being used against the accused. Also, it may be wise to look into who owns a vehicle where drugs and drug paraphernalia is found.

Those who are accused of drug possession, drug distribution, or drug manufacturing may have a difficult legal process ahead of them. However, by speaking with an experienced Kalamazoo attorney, these individuals may be able to craft a legal defense that gives them an opportunity to reach a fair outcome.

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