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On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2015 | Drug Crimes

As many Michiganders know, and as last week’s post highlighted, drug charges are serious. The arrest process can be frightening, and you might become fearful for your future when you learn of the potential penalties you could face. Though confronting an aggressive prosecution may seem daunting, if you are facing drug crime allegations, it is imperative that you create a criminal defense strategy that works best for you given the facts of your situation.

Whether you are charged with drug possession, possession with intent to distribute, or drug manufacturing, there are some standard defense tactics that may be utilized. For example, an experienced legal team, like the one at David G Moore Attorney at Law, may be able to challenge the legality of a search and seizure. If a warrantless search was conducted that did not fall within an acceptable exception, or if a warrant was defective, then evidence collected to be used against you may be suppressed.

Confronting legal charges is a complex ordeal. Therefore, you may want to ensure you choose a legal team that is right for you. This means assessing your options and choosing an attorney that is experienced, diligent, aggressive, and compassionate to your situation.

The legal team at David G Moore Attorney at Law takes pride in its ability to represent its clients’ best interests. We thoroughly analyze each client’s unique case, and work diligently to utilize applicable law in their defense. We also scrutinize available evidence and witness testimony. If our clients want us to negotiate a plea bargain on their behalf, we do so aggressively. If they want us to take the matter to trial, we do so as fully prepared as possible. It is our goal to give each of our clients a full defense that adequately presents their side of the story. Though we cannot guarantee any outcome, we work hard to try to avoid damaging penalties. For more information, please visit our Drug Crimes web page.



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