Alleged carding scheme results in 4 arrests

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2015 | Criminal Defense

In our digital age, criminal law has expanded exponentially. New criminal offenses have been created and old ones have taken on new meanings. Therefore, it is important that Michigan residents stay informed on the law so they know how they can prevent running afoul of it and, in the event that they are accused of criminal wrongdoing, they know how to ensure they are treated fairly.

Four Michigan individuals may need to research their legal rights and the law after being taken into custody for allegedly defrauding several Michigan Meijer stores. According to investigators, the men used a technique known as “carding,” where stolen credit card information is put onto an actively possessed card and used to make purchases. In this instance, police claim the accused individuals made $140,000 in fraudulent purchases, which included gift cards.

Criminal offenses like these are taken very seriously by prosecutors. They are often thoroughly investigated and aggressively pursed in a court of law. This means people may find themselves facing seemingly insurmountable odds, such as surveillance video, as is the case in the alleged carding instances discussed above. However, legal defense help may allow these accused individuals to prepare their side of the story, which could lead to significantly reduced penalties.

Whether one faces a felony or misdemeanor criminal charge, should understand their criminal defense rights. In the case mentioned above, for example, the proper defense may be able to utilize expert testimony to draw doubt as to the defendants’ ability to actually perform carding. Evidentiary issues may also be addressed. In the end, whether settled through plea negotiations or through a criminal trial, those facing criminal charges in this digital age are in for a fight and should be fully prepared.

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