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On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2015 | Criminal Defense

Last week we discussed an incident where four Michiganders were taken into custody for their alleged part in a carding scheme. Fraud is a very serious criminal offense, and those faced with such allegations may be in for quite a battle. Though the criminal justice system promises that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty, with an ever active press and overwhelming allegations from the police and prosecutors, it you can easily feel like you have to prove your innocence.

Yet, that is not what the law says. According to the law, you really are innocent until proven guilty, and, if the matter goes to trial, a judge will instruct a jury of that fact. This means that you only have to raise a reasonable doubt about your guilt in order to be found innocent of the charge. This is huge for those accused of a crime, but in criminal matters like the one discussed last week, there is often a tough mountain to climb, composed of evidence and witness testimony. For this reason, it is often imperative that you seek legal guidance when confronted with a serious criminal charge.

The legal defense team at David G. Moore Attorney at Law is experienced at handling a whole host of criminal law issues, including fraud. We stand strong for our clients, and it all starts with assessing their specific case. No two cases are the same, so it is imperative that our clients receive tailored analysis. Then, if the case is taken on, our legal team will dig into the law, figuring out how it will apply to a client’s case. Then, depending on where the case stands and the likely outcome, a client may be advised of his or her options.

Ultimately, all legal decisions are yours. However, by consulting with a legal professional, you can learn where your case stands and what choices you have to make. Hopefully then you will be able to do what you feel is in your best interests and avoid damaging penalties.



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