Murder suspect found, arrested for Kalamazoo killing

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When a violent crime like murder occurs in the Kalamazoo area or in any Michigan town the authorities and the victim’s family may hunger for justice. While this aggressive pursuit may be a good thing, driving the police to work swiftly to find a killer, it can oftentimes cause innocent individuals to face criminal accusations. These allegations can threaten an individual with serious penalties, including prison, and it can severely damage his or her reputation.

This may be the case is a recent murder investigation that dates back to April 2014. Police recently took a man into custody in Lansing, charging him with the murder of a man who was found shot dead in a trailer on the east side. Court records indicate that a third person may have been present at the time of the deceased’s death, and he or she claimed to have heard the accused and the victim arguing before a gunshot was heard. The accused maintains that the fatal gunshot wound was self-inflicted, but he now faces homicide charges.

When something traumatic happens, one’s first instinct may be to run. However, simply because an individual leaves a crime scene does not mean that he or she is guilty of the crime itself. Yet, the police and prosecutors may view the matter differently. For this reason, it is imperative that those facing violent crime allegations seek competent criminal defense representation.

Being accused of a violent crime, being pursued by authorities, and going up against an aggressive prosecution can seem daunting, and it is. But those who are accused of criminal wrong-doing can exercise their legal rights and initiate the creation of a defense strategy that works for them. These individuals do not have to wait until they are formally charged with a crime before consulting with an attorney. Many times, it is best to speak with an attorney as soon as an individual comes under suspicion.

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