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July 2015 Archives

Criminal defense: executive facing fraud and embezzlement charges

Many Michiganders work in positions where they are responsible for a business's financial well-being. This often involves handling accounts, making payments and deciding on which services to spend company resources. It is certainly a position of power, but also one that requires great responsibility. Yet, even those who are extremely responsible could find themselves facing allegations of criminal wrongdoing when money goes missing, or it is used in a way that others disagree with.

What is required for Michigan police to obtain a search warrant?

There are a plethora of drug charges that Michigan residents can face. In most instances, a prosecution's case is entirely reliant upon evidence seized by authorities during a search. If this search was conducted via a search warrant, then certain requirements must have been met for the search to be legal. This legal process is critically important to protecting certain rights, and any breakdown in the warrant securing process could render the subsequent search and seizure of evidence illegal. In other words, if a warrant is found invalid and the search illegal, then what would otherwise be seriously damaging evidence may be disallowed from being used against a defendant.

How could I be accused of violating the sex offender registry?

Being accused of a sex crime can throw your life into turmoil. Yet, even if you are convicted of a crime and serve your time, you may still have legal issues ahead of you. Registering to be placed on the sex offender registry is often a requirement for those who have been convicted of a sex crime, and failure to comply with all registration laws can land you in hot water.

What penalties could I face if accused of driving while on drugs?

This blog dedicates a significant amount of time talking about drunk driving. While these are certainly very serious charges that can have long-lasting consequences, such charges do not always have to involve alcohol. In fact, if you are pulled over and thought to be under the influence of drugs, then you, too, could face harsh penalties. Since such punishments can have a devastating impact on your future, it is critical that you educate yourself about the law and, when facing such charges, find a legal professional you can help you defend yourself.

Attorneys fight for presumption of 'innocent until proven guilty'

Last week we discussed the case of a man who was arrested for allegedly committing a 2014 murder in Kalamazoo. Once found in Lansing, the man was swiftly taken into custody. However, simply because the accused left the area where the death occurred does not mean that he is guilty of the crime, despite how the media and prosecutors may try to spin it. There are many other assumptions that prosecutors and the public at large will try to make about those facing violent crime allegations, and they should be aggressively challenged. Failing to fight against them could result in a tainted jury pool and a violation of your legal rights.

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