Criminal defense: executive facing fraud and embezzlement charges

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Many Michiganders work in positions where they are responsible for a business’s financial well-being. This often involves handling accounts, making payments and deciding on which services to spend company resources. It is certainly a position of power, but also one that requires great responsibility. Yet, even those who are extremely responsible could find themselves facing allegations of criminal wrongdoing when money goes missing, or it is used in a way that others disagree with.

For example, one Michigan county health official is facing criminal charges after allegedly spending $500,000 of a company’s money on a psychic. The state’s Attorney General claims that the accused, the former CEO of a mental health authority, extended two contracts totaling $510,000 to a psychic palm reader without first receiving input from other employees. The expenditure was allegedly classified as payment to a healthcare consultant. The accused is now facing charges for Medicaid fraud, embezzlement and conspiracy.

The penalties for these types of crimes can be staggering. A convicted individual may be sentenced to years behind bars, and fines could reach into the tens of thousands of dollars. Making matters worse, having a criminal conviction on one’s record could have long-lasting effects on an individual’s life, including irreparable damage to his or her reputation.

Therefore, those who are accused of a financial crime, like embezzlement, should fully consider their legal defense options. A criminal defense attorney may be able to help an individual do this, advising as to strategies that may allow a defendant to avoid harsh penalties. Hopefully, the accused will be able to get back to his or her normal life with as little damage as possible.

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